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Themenschwerpunkt: "Suzanne Vega"


Lfd. Nr. Interpret(in) Titel
1. The Beatles A Hard Day's Night
2. The Beatles If I Fell
3. Gilberto Gil Imagine
4. Gretchen Wilson Still Rollin'
5. Suzanne Vega Marlene on the Wall
6. Suzanne Vega Luka
7. Suzanne Vega Book of Dreams
8. Suzanne Vega Bad Wisdom
9. Suzanne Vega World before Columbus
10. Suzanne Vega Left Of Center
11. The Clash Should I Stay or Should I go
12. The Monkees (Theme From) The Monkees
13. Canned Heat Going Up The Country
14. 5th Dimension Aquarius
15. Suzanne Vega (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May
16. Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing
17. Suzanne Vega New York Is A Woman
18. Suzanne Vega Songs In Red and Gray
19. Suzanne Vega The Queen and the Soldier
20. Suzanne Vega Toms Diner
21. Chris Isaak Wicked Game
22. Phantom Planet California
23. Berlin Take My Breath Away
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